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General Education

General Education Courses (47 credits total)

General Education Courses are comprised of three areas of study: written and oral communications courses; approved non-EE electives; and visual, literary and performing arts and individuals and societies courses.

Written and Oral Communication (12 credits)

This requirement includes two components described below: English Composition and Additional Writing Requirements.

English Composition

At least 5 credits of English Composition must be taken from the UW’s approved list of composition courses. These courses include:

  • C LIT 240 (5) Writing in Comparative Literature
  • ENGL 109, and 110 Introductory Composition (both courses must be completed to receive credit, but you may only apply 5 credits to the BSEE degree)
  • ENGL 111 Composition: Literature
  • ENGL 121 Composition: Social Issues
  • ENGL 131 Composition: Exposition
  • ENGL 182 The Research Paper
  • ENGL 197 Interdisciplinary Writing/Humanities (VLPA)
  • ENGL 198 Interdisciplinary Writing/Social Sciences (I&S)
  • ENGL 199 Interdisciplinary Writing/Natural Sciences (NW)
  • ENGL 281 Intermediate Expository Writing

Note: If you have transfer credit that is similar to the courses above, but which did not transfer as one of the courses listed above, please check with the ECE Advising Office.

Additional Writing Requirements

  • ENGR 231 Introduction to Technical Communications (3 credits)
  • EE 393 Advanced Technical Writing in Electrical Engineering (4 credits)

Approved Non-EE Electives (10 credits)

Any course offered at the University of Washington numbered 200 or higher may be used for this requirement with the following exceptions:

  • Courses cross-listed with an EE course.
  • Courses in the BEE and TEE curricula.
  • Courses required for the degree, such as MATH 307, 308, 324, ENGR 231, etc.
    • Any independent study course.
    • Seminar courses are subject to the 2 credit seminar limit across Non-EE and 68 credit total area.
  • The following courses at the 100 level may be counted:
    • BIOL 130, 180
    • CHEM 152, 155, 162, 165

Visual, Literary and Performing Arts and Individuals and Societies (25 credits)

A total of 25 credits are required, with a minimum of 10 credits in each separate area. VLPA/I&S courses are designated in the quarterly time schedule and the UW course catalog. A minimum of 3 credits of DIV is required. The DIV credits may overlap with VLPA or I&S.