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ECE Student Advisory Council


For the near term, we are focusing on issues raised from the most recent town hall, and we always welcome more voices. Please fill out this application if interested and pass it along to your ECE friends. Email us if you have any questions at:

Our Mission

The main goal of the ECE-SAC is to be a platform for students to voice concerns, serve as a communication channel between the student body and the department, and provide resources for building a better community in the whole ECE student body. Since ECE is a large department, we have yet to find an efficient way to (1) directly voice students’ concerns to the department, and (2) disseminate all resources available from ECE to students. The SAC differs from IEEE/HKN and the GSA in several aspects: SAC’s main focus will be not only on professional development (IEEE/HKN – mainly undergrads) and social gathering (GSA – exclusive to grads) but also community building and creating a sustainably welcoming environment for the whole student body.

We have identified four initial primary areas of interest: diversity (creating a welcoming community for students from diverse groups — grads and undergrads; underrepresented minorities) , accessibility (learning about and addressing student accessibility needs), student wellness (knowledge dissemination regarding health and wellness resources, communicating and addressing these concerns) , and support for teaching ( collecting feedback from students and TAs, addressing emergent issues). These issues have been shown to be of critical importance to general students’ wellbeing [1,2,3,4,5]. The SAC will hold monthly townhalls (discussion fora) for students to voice their concerns, and work with the department to address these issues. This approach follows a recent successful model from the SAC in the CSE department [6,7,8].

Contact Us

If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Join Us

If you are excited to become a member or have questions about what becoming a member entails send us an email at