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Eli Shlizerman

  • Washington Research Foundation Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics
Data Science Fellow, eScience Institute


Eli Shlizerman is Washington Research Foundation Assistant Professor and holds a joint appointment in the Departments of Electrical& Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics. He is also a Data Science Fellow at the eScience Institute.

His research focuses on classification and modeling of dynamics of complex systems. For this purpose, he develops methods that combine data analysis and dynamical systems theory. Complex systems that are being studied are neuronal networks. Shlizerman’s group is working on developing methods to analyze data recorded from a large number of cells in the nervous system in order to better understand how the system operates. Among the methods that the group develops are tools for derivation of reduced models, inference of connectivity in networks, classification and recognition of dynamics. The approaches are applied to modeling of functional connectomics, neurobiological networks that underlie insects’ sensory systems and to neural dynamics of organisms such as C. elegans.

In collaboration with experimental collaborators, the methods are being applied to various neurobiological systems, such as the olfactory system, recently published in Science, the nervous system in the C. elegans worm and sun-compass navigation in Monarch butterflies recently published in Cell Reports. Beyond the methodology for reading from and modeling neuronal networks, Shlizerman’s group is developing approaches for closing the loop between sensory and motor neurons to identify stimuli that trigger desired behaviors, and transferring the design of neural circuits to development of neuromorphic circuits.

Research Interests

Neural circuits, data-driven dynamical systems, inference of network architecture; modeling neuronal dynamics, neuromorphic computing, neural system control.

Representative Publications

  • Liang, S., Shapiro, L. G., & Kemelmacher-Shlizerman, I., Head Reconstruction from Internet Photos, European Conference on Computer Vision, 2016.
  • Neural integration underlying a time-compensated sun compass in the migrating monarch butterfly, Eli Shlizerman, James Phillips-Portillo, Daniel Forger, Steven Reppert, Cell Reports (2016)
  • Closing the Loop: Optimal Stimulation of C. elegans Neuronal Network via Adaptive Control to Exhibit Full Body Movements, J. Santos, E. Shlizerman, BMC Neuroscience, OCNS Oral (2015)
  • Data-driven inference of network connectivity for modeling the dynamics of neural codes in the insect antennal lobe, Eli Shlizerman, Jeffrey Riffell and J. Nathan Kutz, Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience (2014)
  • Flower discrimination by pollinators in a dynamic chemical environment, Jeffrey Riffell, Eli Shlizerman, Elischa Sanders, Leif Abrell, Billy Medina, Armin Hinterwirth, and J. Nathan Kutz, Science (2014)
  • Low-dimensional functionality of complex network dynamics: Neuro-sensory integration in the C. elegans connectome, J. Kunert, E. Shlizerman, and J. N. Kutz, Physical Review E, (2014)

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  • Ph.D. Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, 2009
    Weizmann Institute of Science
  • M.S.c Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, 2005
    Weizmann Institute of Science