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Mani Soma

  • System Design Methodologies Professor
  • Chair of Space & Facilities

Mani Soma quickly escaped the university system with the standard set of degrees but just as quickly discovered that he was not up to any realistic industry challenge. Returning to the make-believe world of academia, he found a small niche area in mixed analog-digital system testing and published several inconsequential papers before the competition got tough. He is well known as a team builder and team player: the list of people he has cooperated with is just as long as and identical to the list of people who will never cooperate with him again. After a short stint as a notoriously incompetent part-time administrator, he now cooks, gardens, and teaches folk dancing. He continues to be a living proof of G. Bernard Shaw’s dictum: “My reputation increases with every failure.”

Research Interests

Design and test methods for mixed-signal / RF / high-frequency ICs and systems; system reliability.

Mani Soma Headshot

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