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Radha Poovendran

  • Professor and Chair


Chair, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Adjunct Professor, Aeronautics & Astronautics


Radha Poovendran is professor and chair of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Washington. He is the founding director of the Network Security Lab and is a founding member and associate director of research for the UW’s Center for Excellence in Information Assurance Research and Education. He has also been a member of the advisory boards for Information Security Education and Networking Education Outreach at UW. In collaboration with NSF, he served as the chair and principal investigator for a Visioning Workshop on Smart and Connected Communities Research and Education in 2016.

Poovendran’s research focuses on wireless and sensor network security, adversarial modeling, privacy and anonymity in public wireless networks and cyber-physical systems security. He co-authored a book titled Submodularity in Dynamics and Control of Networked Systems and co-edited a book titled Secure Localization and Time Synchronization in Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks. He is also an associate editor for ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks.

Poovendran is a Fellow of IEEE and has received various awards including Distinguished Alumni Award, ECE Department, University of Maryland, College Park, 2016; NSA LUCITE Rising Star 1999; NSF CAREER 2001; ARO YIP 2002; ONR YIP 2004; PECASE 2005; and Kavli Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences 2007.

Research Interests

Security, biosystems and machine learning.

Representative Publications

  • S. Sagong, X. Ying, A. Clark, L. Bushnell, and R. Poovendran, “Cloaking the Clock: Emulating Clock Skew in Controller Area Networks,” ICCPS 2018 (at CPS Week), (April 2018) [ Link ]
  • Z. Liu, Y. Long, A. Clark, P. Lee, L. Bushnell, D. Kirschen, and R. Poovendran, “Minimal Input Selection for Robust Control,” 56th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (Dec 2017)
  • A. Clark, B. Alomair, L Bushnell, and R. Poovendran, “Submodularity in Input Node Selection for Networked Linear Systems,” IEEE Control Systems Magazine, 37:6, pp. 52-74 (December 2017)
  • A. Clark, B. Alomair, L. Bushnell, and R. Poovendran, “Towards Synchronization in Networks with Nonlinear Dynamics: A Submodular Optimization Framework,” IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 62:10, pp. 1-14 (October 2017); also at arXiv:1411.5797, DOI: 10.1109/TAC.2017.2680739 [ Link ]
  • A. Clark, B. Alomair, L. Bushnell, and R. Poovendran, “Input Selection for Performance and Controllability of Structured Linear Descriptor Systems,” SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization 55:1, pp. 457-485 (January 2017); also at arXiv:1412.3868, DOI: 10.1137/140999888. [ Link ]
  • Tague, P., Nabar, S., Ritcey, J.A. and Poovendran, R., 2011. Jamming-aware traffic allocation for multiple-path routing using portfolio selection. Networking, IEEE/ACM Transactions on, 19(1), pp.184-194.
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  • IEEE Fellow


  • Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering, 1999
    University of Maryland, College Park
  • M.S., Electrical Engineering, 1992
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • B.Tech., 1988
    Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, India