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Startup OneRadio unveils radio receiver platform

May 17, 2017

Professor John Sahr

OneRadio, founded by Professor John Sahr and Affiliate Professor Tony Goodson, demonstrated its wideband radio receiver platform at last week’s IEEE Radar Conference in Seattle.

The startup was developed by Sahr and Goodson to create a single radio that is capable of performing multiple functions simultaneously. The technology combines hardware advances with software applications to allow users to perform many functions at once via software applications.

The OneRadio utilizes a patent-pending, digitally based method to pick up signals across a wide stretch of frequencies and a wide range of signal strength.

“We have the capability of seeing extremely weak signals in the presence of strong signals,”OneRadio CEO Mohan Vaghul said in a recent article.

OneRadio is designed to do what high-end wideband receivers cannot do and at a tenth of the price. Although high-end receivers can identify weak signals, OneRadio can access signals across a wider bandwidth.

“The long-term potential is pretty phenomenal,” Vaghul said in the article.

For aerospace and defense purposes, one receiver could be used in place of several narrower-band receivers. The OneRadio system could monitor for malicious activities in the telecom and security fields. At last week’s conference, OneRadio conducted live demonstrations of wideband RF operations.

The first-generation platform spans 2.5 GHz of bandwidth. However, the company is making strides in the development of a 7 GHz bandwidth.

The development of this product comes from years of research at the University of Washington Department of Electrical Engineering. Support for OneRadio originated from the UW’s CoMotion Innovation Fund. CoMotion is dedicated to expanding the economic and societal reach of the UW community by helping innovators achieve the greatest impact from their discoveries.

“CoMotion is pleased to have worked with this team over the past two years to help commercialize this complex technology by working with them on licensing, patent filings, marketing and business development,” said Vikram Jandhyala, executive director of CoMotion and UW’s vice president for innovation strategy, in the article.

Information for this release was adapted from a recent article in GeekWire.