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Message from the Chair


Professor & Chair Radha Poovendran

Welcome to the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. It is my honor to lead a department with a robust history of diversity and a passion for innovation. At UW ECE, we cultivate innovation and inspire through high-impact research. We educate and develop tomorrow’s leaders to help solve the world’s biggest challenges.

We are committed to broadening the participation of a diverse set of faculty and researchers. Our diversity in backgrounds, expertise, collaboration and education styles enriches and strengthens as we form new alliances for mutual success. With over 50 faculty devoted to dynamic research areas, we have an opportunity for diverse projects and collaboration. These projects address complex world challenges in health, energy, technology and the environment and have led to significant research and education grants. They support the very core of UW ECE — education and innovation.

Our research spans several critical areas for global health, energy and social well being. We continue to innovate and develop tools for diagnosing disease efficiently, inexpensively and accurately — a life-saving tool for those in resource-poor areas. Our research has set the world record for synthetic DNA (with no biological components) data storage, a crucial development for knowledge preservation. We are working to expand broadband capabilities, empowering people and economies around the world.

Innovation at UW ECE is exemplified by our outstanding faculty and by the exceptional group of students they advise and mentor. A UW ECE education gives students the best opportunity and guidance to have a successful future, preparing students to excel in their careers and answer today’s most pressing problems. We continue to build an ever growing innovation ecosystem by partnering with industry and government partners, allowing our students the opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience.

In 2015, we developed a multi-quarter Engineering Entrepreneurial Capstone course, which advances student engagement with industry partners and the development of professional-level engineering projects. Although this project is for our undergraduate students, we have unique and meaningful opportunities for all of our students, at all degree levels — Ph.D., MSEE, PMP and BSEE — in our research labs.

I am proud to be the chair of a department that is truly enriching and improving lives — from our students to the broader impact of our research on society. The field of electrical and computer engineering is constantly confronted with new societal challenges and empowered with innovative ideas of our community. We have seen tremendous growth within the department, building meaningful connections and collaborations that place the department as a leader in the field.

If you are passionate about solving major future challenges and are looking for an outstanding engineering ecosystem where you can collaborate and grow, then you will find UW ECE is the best place to be!

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Radha Poovendran, Professor and Chair, UW ECE
Director, Network Security Lab (NSL@UW)