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  COVID-19 Information and Resources for ECE Students, Faculty, and Staff


M.P. (Anant) Anantram HeadshotM.P. (Anant) AnantramProfessorM218 ECE206-221-5162Photonics and Nano Devices
Payman Arabshahi HeadshotPayman ArabshahiAssociate Professor; Associate Chair of Advancement450 ECE206-221-6990Computing and Networking
Les Atlas HeadshotLes AtlasProfessor410 ECE206-685-1315Data Science; Biosystems
Jeffrey A. Bilmes HeadshotJeffrey A. BilmesProfessor418 ECE206-221-5236Data Science; Biosystems
Karl F. Böhringer HeadshotKarl F. BöhringerProfessor; Director, NanoES Institute253I ECE206-221-5177Photonics and Nano Devices
Samuel Burden HeadshotSamuel BurdenAssistant ProfessorM442 ECE206-221-3545Robotics and Controls; Biosystems
Linda Bushnell HeadshotLinda BushnellResearch ProfessorM342 ECE206-221-6717Computing and Networking; Robotics and Controls
Tai-Chang Chen HeadshotTai-Chang ChenSenior Lecturer238 PAC206-221-5388
Howard Jay Chizeck HeadshotHoward Jay ChizeckProfessorM446 ECE206-221-3591Robotics and Controls; Biosystems
Robert Bruce Darling HeadshotRobert Bruce DarlingProfessor; Director of Space and Facilities226 ECE206-543-4703Photonics and Nano Devices
Scott T. Dunham HeadshotScott T. DunhamProfessor218 ECE206-543-2189Photonics and Nano Devices; Power and Energy Systems
Maryam Fazel HeadshotMaryam FazelProfessor; Associate Chair for Research and Entrepreneurship230 PAC206-616-4781Robotics and Controls; Data Science
Kai-Mei Fu HeadshotKai-Mei FuAssociate ProfessorB445 PAB & 234 ECE206-543-2787Photonics and Nano Devices
Blake Hannaford HeadshotBlake HannafordProfessorM434 ECE206-543-2197Robotics and Controls; Biosystems
Scott Hauck HeadshotScott HauckGaetano Borriello Professor for Educational Excellence307Q ECE206-412-1523Computing and Networking
Headshot PlaceholderPenny Hinke
Rania Hussein HeadshotRania HusseinLecturer, Full Time234 PAC206-616-9950
Jenq-Neng Hwang HeadshotJenq-Neng HwangProfessor; Associate Chair for Global Affairs and International DevelopmentM426 ECE206-685-1603Data Science
Brian Johnson HeadshotBrian JohnsonWashington Research Foundation Innovation Assistant Professor of Clean Energy and Electrical & Computer EngineeringM322 ECE206-616-4502Power and Energy Systems
Sreeram Kannan HeadshotSreeram KannanAssistant Professor414 ECE206-685-8756Computing and Networking; Data Science
Daniel Kirschen HeadshotDaniel KirschenDonald W. and Ruth Mary Close Professor; Associate Chair for Education and EntrepreneurshipM326 ECE206-543-2174Power and Energy Systems
Eric Klavins HeadshotEric KlavinsProfessor236 PAC206-616-1743Robotics and Controls; Biosystems
Yasuo Kuga HeadshotYasuo KugaProfessor430 ECE206-543-0478Computing and Networking
Mo Li HeadshotMo LiAssociate ProfessorM246 ECE206-616-6966Photonics and Nano Devices
Lih Lin HeadshotLih LinProfessorM414 ECE206-543-2168Photonics and Nano Devices
Arka Majumdar HeadshotArka MajumdarAssistant ProfessorM230 ECE206-616-5558Photonics and Nano Devices
Alex Mamishev HeadshotAlex MamishevProfessor215K ECE206-221-5729Robotics and Controls; Photonics and Nano Devices; Power and Energy Systems
Chet Moritz HeadshotChet MoritzCJ and Elizabeth Hwang Associate ProfessorM450 ECE206-616-0643Biosystems
Amy Orsborn HeadshotAmy OrsbornClare Booth Luce Assistant ProfessorM430 ECE206-616-2049Biosystems
Mari Ostendorf HeadshotMari OstendorfSystem Design Methodologies Professor215D ECE206-221-5748Data Science
Shwetak N. Patel HeadshotShwetak N. PatelWashington Research Foundation Endowed Professor540 PACBiosystems; Data Science; Computing and Networking
Radha Poovendran HeadshotRadha PoovendranProfessor AE116 PAC206-543-6515Computing and Networking; Data Science
John Raiti HeadshotJohn RaitiLecturer, Full TimeGlobal Innovation Exchange Room 115206-287-9028
Lillian Ratliff HeadshotLillian RatliffAssistant Professor426 ECE206-543-6244Robotics and Controls
Matt Reynolds HeadshotMatt ReynoldsAssociate ProfessorM226 ECE206-616-5046Robotics and Controls; Photonics and Nano Devices; Biosystems
Eve A. Riskin HeadshotEve A. RiskinProfessor; Associate Dean of Diversity & Access, College of Engineering230 ECE206-685-2313Data Science
James A. Ritcey HeadshotJames A. RitceyProfessor454 ECE206-543-4702Computing and Networking
Sumit Roy HeadshotSumit RoyIntegrated Systems ProfessorM330 ECE206-221-5261Computing and Networking
Chris Rudell HeadshotChris RudellAssociate Professor; UG Education Faculty CoordinatorM410 ECE206-685-1600Biosystems; Computing and Networking
John D. Sahr HeadshotJohn D. SahrProfessor214 Sieg206-685-1793Computing and Networking
Visvesh Sathe HeadshotVisvesh SatheAssistant ProfessorM314 ECE206-543-7635Biosystems; Computing and Networking
Georg Seelig HeadshotGeorg SeeligAssociate Professor228 PAC206-616-3885Robotics and Controls; Biosystems
Linda G. Shapiro HeadshotLinda G. ShapiroProfessor; Lead Graduate Program Faculty Coordinator634 PAC206-543-2196Data Science; Biosystems
C. J. Richard Shi HeadshotC. J. Richard ShiProfessor210 ECE206-221-5291
Eli Shlizerman HeadshotEli ShlizermanWashington Research Foundation Assistant Professor446 ECE206-685-1979Robotics and Controls; Data Science; Biosystems
Joshua R. Smith HeadshotJoshua R. SmithMilton and Delia Zeutschel Professor in Entrepreneurial Excellence; PMP Faculty Coordinator556 PAC206-685-2094Biosystems; Photonics and Nano Devices; Power and Energy Systems
Ming-Ting Sun HeadshotMing-Ting SunProfessorM418 ECE206-616-8690Data Science
Michael B. Taylor HeadshotMichael B. TaylorAssociate Professor564 PACComputing and Networking
Denise M. Wilson HeadshotDenise M. WilsonProfessorM222 ECE206-221-5238Photonics and Nano Devices
Azadeh Yazdan-Shahmorad HeadshotAzadeh Yazdan-ShahmoradWashington Research Foundation Innovation Assistant ProfessorM454 ECE(206) 543-6127Biosystems
Baosen Zhang HeadshotBaosen ZhangKeith and Nancy Rattie Endowed Career Development ProfessorM310 ECE206-616-3818Computing and Networking; Power and Energy Systems; Robotics and Controls
Lisa Zurk HeadshotLisa ZurkProfessor206-543-1310