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Device restores hand function for some with spinal injury

UW ECE Professor Chet Moritz is leading groundbreaking research enabling some people with paralysis to regain hand strength and function via electrical stimulation to the spine.

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Alvin Wang Graylin from HTC to speak at UW ECE Graduation

We are proud to welcome UW ECE alumnus Alvin Wang Graylin (BSEE ‘93) as honored guest speaker for the 2024 UW ECE Graduation Ceremony. Graylin is the Global VP of Corporate Development for HTC and co-author of a new, visionary book,“Our Next Reality: How the AI-powered Metaverse Will Reshape the World.”

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Walking, running, and jumping — a new approach to these surprising challenges for robots

UW ECE Associate Professor Sam Burden is part of a multi-institutional research team that examined why legged locomotion is challenging for robots as compared to humans and other animals. The team published their findings in Science Robotics.

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UPWARDS for the Future

The University of Washington is at the forefront of an international effort to innovate the semiconductor industry while building a skilled U.S.-based workforce to design and manufacture chip technology. UW ECE and Physics Professor Mo Li is leading the UW's contribution to this effort.

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A call for AI data transparency

UW ECE alumnus and Affiliate Professor Jai Jaisimha (Ph.D. ‘96) has co-founded a new nonprofit organization, the Transparency, which is advocating for transparency and regulation of the data used to train artificial intelligence.

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Leading the charge to enhance power transfer

UW ECE Assistant Professor Jungwon Choi is developing more efficient power circuits to enhance the electric vehicle charging experience.

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For Industry

UW ECE faculty and students maintain close relationships with industry members, who benefit from student assistance on cutting-edge research projects and the ability to network with faculty experts. In return, the department gains advice from valuable industry partners and students obtain mentorship and real-world project experience.

If you aren’t already connected to UW ECE, we invite you to get involved!

Industry Mentorship Program

The UW ECE Industry Mentorship Program brings together aspiring electrical and computer engineers with experienced industry professionals. This program aims to provide students with a real world perspective of the ECE field and help them navigate the transition from university to the professional world. More »

ENGINE — Engineering Entrepreneurial Capstone

Work with a dedicated group of students on entrepreneurial engineering projects through this Senior Capstone Design course. By working in teams on industry sponsored projects, students develop skills in innovation, systems engineering and project management. Interested companies should contact Professor Payman ArabshahiMore »

ECE Career Fair

The ECE Winter Career Fair connects employers with an exceptional pool of undergraduate and graduate students from the UW Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The fair provides an invaluable opportunity for employers to network with and recruit our talented students for full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities. More »

UW ECE Entrepreneurship

The University of Washington has long fostered a culture of innovation, which was confirmed with the recent ranking by Reuters as the most innovative public university in the world in 2015. Playing a lead role in this success is UW ECE, which has the second most engineering start-ups at UW since 2009.

Casino Night

The student-run society HKN/ IEEE hosts the popular Casino Night, which attracts hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students. The fun, interactive event provides industry representatives a chance to talk with students about their goals and interests and recruit for upcoming career opportunities. More »