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UW ECE Launches New BSECE Degree Program

Office of the Chair

Our Mission – at UW ECE, we educate and develop tomorrow’s leaders to help solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

Department Chair

Professor and Chair Eric Klavins

Eric Klavins
AE116 Paul Allen Center

Professor and Chair Eric Klavins provides leadership and direction for the UW Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. He identifies areas for improvement and where the Department could extend its reach. Klavins guides the research direction of the faculty and helps with securing funding. He also networks on behalf of UW ECE with Department affiliates in the community and industry, as well as with other department chairs at the University of Washington and at other higher education institutions.

Associate Chair for Education


Payman Arabshahi
450 ECE

In his role as the Associate Chair for Education, Professor Payman Arabshahi oversees all the activities of the Department related to the undergraduate, graduate and professional master’s degrees. In particular, the Associate Chair is responsible for ensuring that the curriculum remains up to date, that the students develop entrepreneurial skills and that they receive adequate advising. In his role as UW ECE Industry Liaison, Arabshahi oversees relationships with UW ECE industry partners and ENGINE, the Department’s innovation and entrepreneurship capstone program.

Associate Chair for Research

Maryam Fazel
230 CSE

Professor Maryam Fazel, the Department’s Associate Chair for Research, works to promote and advance the UW ECE research program, supporting research collaborations across campus and with industry partners, and faculty and student entrepreneurship. This includes activities to promote cross-disciplinary research proposals with a focus on larger grants, responsibility for the annual Dean W. Lytle Endowed Lecture Series, the annual UW ECE Research Showcase and the UW ECE Research Colloquium Lecture Series.

Associate Chair for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Sam Burden headshot

Sam Burden
M442 ECE

As the Associate Chair for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Professor Sam Burden leads DEI efforts to implement an impactful and sustainable strategy under the guidance of the Department’s DEI Advisory Committee. He helps to organize training and workshops; revise recruitment and retention policies for students, staff, and faculty; obtain resources and funding to support Department initiatives; and coordinates with DEI work at the College and University levels.

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Eve Riskin headshot

Eve Riskin
230 ECE

As Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Professor Eve Riskin works closely with the UW ECE Associate Chair for Education and student advising team to manage undergraduate policies, issues and admissions. As Faculty Director of the STARS program in the UW College of Engineering, Riskin is looking forward to sharing student-success strategies from STARS with UW ECE and vice versa.

Graduate Program Coordinators

Anant Anatram Headshot

Anant Anantram
M218 ECE

Professor Mo Li

Mo Li
M246 ECE

Professors Anant Anantram and Mo Li work closely together as Graduate Program Coordinators to oversee all aspects of the UW ECE graduate program.

PMP Coordinator

Professor Josh Smith

Joshua Smith
556 CSE

As the Professional Master’s Program (PMP) Coordinator, Professor Josh Smith works closely with UW ECE’s Director of Professional Programs to oversee all aspects of the PMP program.