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Affiliate Faculty

Headshot PlaceholderAlejandro AceroAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderDavid James AllstotAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderBasel AlomairAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderHamidreza AmindavarAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderBishnu AtalAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderDavid BaischAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderTheresa J. BarkerAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderRajashree BaskaranAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderGary D. BernardAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderRandy BlyAffiliate Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; Acting Assistant Professor, Pediatric Otolaryngology, Seattle Children's Hospital
Tamara Bonaci HeadshotTamara BonaciAffiliate Assistant ProfessorWeb Page
Headshot PlaceholderPramod BondeAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderHenning BraunischAffiliate Associate Professor
John Bush HeadshotJohn BushAffiliate Instructor
Raul Camposano HeadshotRaul CamposanoAffiliate Professor
Anat Caspi HeadshotAnat CaspiAffiliate Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; Director, Taskar Center for Accessible Technology; Research Principal, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering; Data Science Fellow, UW eScience InstituteWeb Page
Headshot PlaceholderSwagato ChakrabortyAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderCameron CharlesAffiliate Assistant Professor
Xiang Chen HeadshotXiang ChenAffiliate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Mauro Conti HeadshotMauro ContiAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderEmily CooperAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderThomas A. CwikAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderPatricia D. DanielsAffiliate Professor
Arindam Das HeadshotArindam DasAffiliate Assistant Professor
Li Deng HeadshotLi DengAffiliate Professor
Nirav Desai HeadshotNirav DesaiAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderKung-Hau DingAffiliate Professor
Ken Eguro HeadshotKen EguroAffiliate Associate Professor
R. Aaron Falk HeadshotR. Aaron FalkAffiliate Associate ProfessorWeb Page
Headshot PlaceholderGordon FarquharsonAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderRogerio Schmidt FerisAffiliate Assistant Professor
Jay Giri HeadshotJay GiriAffiliate Associate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderEvan GoldsteinAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderAnthony P. GoodsonAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderDıpanjan GopeAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderAndrew GrayAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderHsiu-Wu GuoAffiliate Assistant Professor
Sidhant Gupta HeadshotSidhant GuptaAffiliate ProfessorWeb Page
Headshot PlaceholderAmer HassanAffiliate Professor
Xiaodong He HeadshotXiaodong HeAffiliate Professor
Thomas R. Henderson HeadshotThomas R. HendersonAffiliate ProfessorM354 EEBWeb Page
Farzad Hessar HeadshotFarzad HessarAffiliate Assistant ProfessorWeb Page
Headshot PlaceholderMichael HochbergAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderXuedong HuangAffiliate Professor
Kevin Huang HeadshotKevin HuangAffiliate Professor
Mei-Yuh Hwang HeadshotMei-Yuh HwangAffiliate ProfessorWeb Page
Headshot PlaceholderSermsak JaruwatanadilokAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderEric JonesAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderDavid Leon KaplanAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderYoon Sang KimAffiliate Assistant Professor
David W. Krout HeadshotDavid W. KroutAffiliate Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; Principal Engineer, Applied Physics LaboratoryApplied Physics Laboratory
University of Washington
1013 NE 40th Street
Seattle, WA 98105
206-616-2589Web Page
Headshot PlaceholderIlkka J. LahdesmakiAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderMike P. LiAffiliate Professor
Matthieu Liger HeadshotMatthieu LigerAffiliate Associate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderFrank D. LindAffiliate Associate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderHui LiuAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderZicheng LiuAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderHenry LouieAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderFa-Long LuoAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderDonald B. MacMillenAffiliate Professor
Henrique S. Malvar HeadshotHenrique S. MalvarAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderTom MatulaAffiliate Assistant ProfessorApplied Physics Lab
Box 355640
Web Page
De Meng HeadshotDe MengAffiliate Assistant ProfessorBox 352500
Headshot PlaceholderAgnieszka MiguelAffiliate Associate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderBharath Kumar R. ModayurAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderRajen Manicon MuruganAffiliate Assistant Professor
Saman Naderiparizi HeadshotSaman NaderipariziAffiliate Assistant ProfessorWeb Page
Headshot PlaceholderNicholas NagelAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderTho Thi-Huynh NguyenAffiliate Assistant Professor
Pavel Nikitin HeadshotPavel NikitinAffiliate Associate Professor
Miguel A. Ortega-Vazquez HeadshotMiguel A. Ortega-VazquezAffiliate Assistant ProfessorCampus Box 352500Web Page
Headshot PlaceholderHsing-Yeh ParkerAffiliate Assistant Professor
Babak Parviz HeadshotBabak ParvizAffiliate ProfessorBox 352500
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 981095
Headshot PlaceholderJames PittonAffiliate Associate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderAndrew PutnamAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderKourosh RahnamaiAffiliate Professor
Ceon Ramon HeadshotCeon RamonAffiliate Professor(206) 778-0942Web Page
John Reece HeadshotJohn ReeceAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderColin Norris ReinhardtAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderEric RombokasAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderJacob RosenAffiliate Associate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderOlof Fredrik RydenAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderRadhakrishna SampigethayaAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderKevin P. SchneiderAffiliate Associate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderMichael SeltzerAffiliate Associate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderIlya ShmulevichAffiliate Associate Professor
Surya Singh HeadshotSurya SinghAffiliate Assistant Professor(650) 762-6896Web Page
Headshot PlaceholderMalcolm SlaneyAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderAndrew StewartAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderWalter Sun
Minas Tanielian HeadshotMinas TanielianAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderIvan Jelev TashevAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderJohn ThomasAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderLeung TsangAffiliate Professor
Mani Vadari HeadshotMani VadariAffiliate ProfessorWeb Page
Headshot PlaceholderSteven C. VenemaAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderMani VenkataAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderXudong WangAffiliate Associate Professor
Wei-Chih Wang HeadshotWei-Chih WangAffiliate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering; Research Associate Professor, Mechanical EngineeringMEB 114C206-543-2479Web Page
Headshot PlaceholderDirk Nicolas WeissAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderKresimir WilliamsAffiliate Assistant Professor
Headshot PlaceholderFeng WuAffiliate Professor
Headshot PlaceholderLin XiaoAffiliate Assistant Professor
Hongtao Xu HeadshotHongtao XuAffiliate ProfessorWeb Page
Murat Kaya Yapici HeadshotMurat Kaya YapiciAffiliate Assistant ProfessorWeb Page
Headshot PlaceholderZhengyou ZhangAffiliate Professor