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Combined BS-MS

The Combined BS-MS program is intended for students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies at the master’s level or are considering a future Ph.D. program after completion of a master’s degree. The application process for the Combined BS-MS program is competitive, with fewer than 25 students accepted each year. 

Application Eligibility

  • Must be an undergraduate student studying in a STEM discipline at the University of Washington, Seattle.
  • Must have a minimum 3.6 cumulative GPA. Students with GPAs below this but who have exceptional research experience are eligible to be reviewed. 
  • Must have completed junior year of study in order to graduate with STEM bachelor’s degree no later than summer 2025 for autumn 2025 admissions.

Application Deadline

Our application deadline is static and remains the same from year to year.

Deadline:  July 15

Application Process

Step One: UW ECE Combined BS-MS Application

The UW ECE Combined BS-MS application process is comprised of nomination letters submitted by faculty and a nomination packet submitted by the student. Detailed instructions for each are provided below:

Faculty Nominations

Students must submit two letters of recommendation. Letters of recommendation must be submitted by the recommender, separate from student nomination packets, to ensure confidentiality.

  • One letter must be from a UW ECE faculty member.
  • The other letter is strongly recommended to be from a UW faculty member. It may also be from someone who can speak to the student’s academic or technical engineering background, such as a faculty member from a previous higher education institution the student attended or a supervisor from a technical engineering internship.
  • If pursuing the thesis option, one letter must be from the student’s intended faculty adviser.

How to Submit

Student Nominations

Students must submit a nomination packet of their own. Please prepare a single PDF that includes the following:

  • PDF of unofficial transcript
  • Written statement of purpose, which includes a clear research direction for the student’s intended thesis and indicates a preferred UW ECE faculty adviser (thesis option) or information on what the student plans to study (coursework option).
    • The statement should share more about who the student is, why they want to pursue a MSEE and what their goals are.
  • The GRE is not required for the nomination packet.

How to Submit

Students will be notified via email regarding whether their nomination has been accepted. Notice of decisions are emailed by early September. Students whose nominations are not accepted for the combined BS-MS program are still welcome to apply to our other graduate programs through the regular application process.

Step Two: UW Graduate School Application

Upon acceptance of the nomination, students must then submit an official application through the UW Graduate School.

Deadline:  December 15

An official notice of admission will be sent to students before the end of March.