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A Geometric Approach to Signal Processing Problems

Ananya Sengupta


Many real-life problems where signal processing is employed have geometric interpretations that can be exploited to solve a challenging issue. I am particularly interested in deriving such mathematical insight and translating them to signal processing algorithms. My talk will cover topics in acoustic and wireless communications where a signal processing problem can be phrased in elegant geometric terms. In particular, I will talk about my past and ongoing work on mitigating interference commonly encountered in communication systems in the form of inter-symbol or multi-user interference, with emphasis on how non-linearity and strong correlation between interfering signals make conventional techniques fail. I will also talk about my current research in the related problem of channel estimation and tracking, and discuss how adopting a geometric approach to the channel estimation problem may be useful to meet the unique challenges faced in shallow water acoustic communications.


Ananya Sen Gupta recently returned to academia as a postdoctoral researcher after spending a year in industry. Following her PhD in Electrical Engineering under Prof. Andrew Singer at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Dec 2006), she worked as a program manager at Microsoft for 12 months. Her time in industry trained her in leadership and management skills which she finds very useful as part of her career-building experience. Ananya came back to her alma mater as a postdoctoral research associate (Jan 2008 – Aug 2008) as she felt academic research is her true calling and has been an active researcher in the area of signal processing and communications since. As part of her appointment at UIUC she also lectured the senior-level DSP course in Summer 2008. Since Aug 2008, she has been a postdoctoral scholar at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution where she works with Dr. James Preisig in applying signal processing and optimization techniques to underwater acoustic communications. She has a MS and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a BE in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from Jadavpur University, India.

Ananya Sengupta Headshot
Ananya Sengupta
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
EEB 105
13 Oct 2009, 10:30am until 11:30am