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Graduate Research Showcase

EE Graduate Student Association


The EE department is happy to present our first Graduate Research Showcase, organized by the Graduate Student Association.

Nine graduate students will present their research in rapid-fire 5min talks on topics that span a range of areas in EE. Come learn about some of the exciting research in our department!

Bora Banjanin: Estimating Predictive Dynamical Models of Legged Locomotion

Di Sun: Self-cleaning Surfaces for Solar Panels Using Transparent Asymmetric Ratchet Conveyors

Tyler Ganter: Stairway to Harmonics: The Next Step for Cochlear Implants

John Uehlin: Adaptive and Robust Artifact Cancellation Enabling Simultaneous Neural Stimulation and Recording

Yaoyu Yang: A synthetic two-state finite state machine and its application in controlling antibiotic resistance memory in yeast

Peifeng Jing: Nano-Structure Enhanced Optical Tweezers Integrated With MEMS

Hal Holmes: Moving Droplets for Diagnostic Medicine

Ban Wang: Investigating How Changes in DNA Affects Protein Production

Charles Delahunt: To build a brain: simple, noisy, random

EE Graduate Student Association Headshot
EE Graduate Student Association
University of Washington
EEB 105
31 May 2016, 10:30am until 11:30am