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Micro and Nano structured Semiconductor Devices on Amorphous Substrates for Low-cost Energy Conversion, Sensing and Displays

Saif Islam


This talk will present an overview of several methods recently reported by the research community on the fabrication of single crystal semiconductor devices on amorphous surfaces. We will then present an experimental method to fabricate devices on single crystal substrates in the shape of micro-nano-pillars via both top-down and bottom-up techniques and then transfer them to low cost carrier substrates while simultaneously preserving the integrity, order, shape and fidelity of the transferred device arrays. The original substrates are repeatedly used for continual production of new devices and are minimally consumed. We also developed advanced flexible electrodes with nano-particle based composites and will present results of our studies on the interfaces between semiconductor devices and electrode based on composites of metal and conducting polymer (CP), metallization pastes, transparent conducting oxide, metal nano-particle and graphene enforced CP. This heterogeneous integration technique offers the ability to integrate any kind of single crystal semiconductor materials and devices on various substrates for large-scale applications in the areas of energy conversion devices, sensing, computing and micro/nanophotonics.


M. Saif Islam received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from UCLA in 2001 and worked for Hewlett-Packard Laboratories and SDL Inc./JDS Uniphase Corporation before joining UC Davis in 2004, where he is an Associate Professor now. His work covers ultra-fast optoelectronic devices, molecular electronics, and CMOS integration of semiconductor nanostructures for imaging, sensing, computing and energy conversion. He has authored/co-authored more than 150 scientific papers, edited 13 books and conference proceedings of MRS, IEEE and SPIE, and holds 33 patents as an inventor/co-inventor. He received NSF Faculty Early Career Award, Outstanding Junior Faculty Award, IEEE UC Davis Professor of the Year and UC Davis Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award in 2010.

Saif Islam Headshot
Saif Islam
UC Davis
EEB 105
26 Oct 2010, 10:30am until 11:30am