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Resource Trading in Social Wireless Networks

Subir Biswas


Near-field communication among physically collocated mobile devices are becoming a popular means for content sharing and distribution in social wireless and mobile networks. Increasing market penetration of data enabled mobile devices and their support for short-range radio links such as Bluetooth and ZigBee are making such networks a distinct possibility in settings such as University, work, and other public places. A social wireless network captures “physical” community formation which is complementary to the “virtual” grouping in traditional social networks including Facebook and Tweeter. Computing, storage, and communication resources in such networks can often be scattered and fragmented, leading to their inefficient utilization. This talk will explore an emerging architecture that can foster economic model based resource trading in such networks for addressing the utilization issues. Network operations based on various cost and pricing models are introduced to demonstrate how by leveraging the underlying social community abstractions, fragmented storage, computing, and communication resources can be better utilized. It will explore how to create win-win situations for various business and consumer stake holders in today’s evolving wireless markets.


Subir Biswas is a Professor and the founding director of Networked Embedded and Wireless Systems laboratory at the ECE Department of Michigan State University. He earned the Ph.D. at the University of Cambridge, UK. Prior to joining MSU, Subir worked for AT&T Labs Cambridge, NEC Labs Princeton, and Tellium Optical Systems, New Jersey. He published over 150 peer-reviewed articles and six U.S. Patents. Papers from his group won best paper awards in ICWMC 2012, COMSNETS 2011, ICICS 2011, and GLOBECOM 2009. His current research interests include social network pricing calculus, wearable sensing for medical applications, vehicular networks, and the broad area of embedded networking.

Subir Biswas Headshot
Subir Biswas
Michigan State University
EEB 105
12 Feb 2013, 10:30am until 11:30am