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The Role of GPUs in Modern Computing

Dr. Craig M. Wittenbrink


I will present how the GPU is leveraged in modern computing, from mobile to desktops, to servers and embedded automotive applications. I will describe our Kepler computer architecture, and go into details for heterogeneous computing. I will show videos for many applications of the GPU including video games, physics processing, finite element simulation, and medical imaging. I will describe examples in Cuda, our parallel programming language for GPU’s. I will also describe some of our newest engineering development efforts for networked graphics–NVIDIA GRID, designing for mobile computer vision, and designing for low power. I will answer questions for topics that the audience finds most interesting.


Craig M. Wittenbrink is an Architecture Director, 3D Computer Graphics at NVIDIA. He has worked in computer architecture, scientific visualization, and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) architecture, and has over 70 publications and patents. At NVIDIA, Craig has developed new performance modeling strategies, new display verification processes, and memory system architectures. He managed the research and development of the first Kepler core for Tegra—GK20A–, and also managed the SOC (system on a chip) architectural development for the Logan SOC. He received his B.S. EE/CS from Univ. of Colorado and M.S/Ph.D. EE from the Univ. of Washington. He’s a member of ACM SIGGRAPH, a senior member of IEEE, and a member of IEEE Computer Society.

Dr. Craig M. Wittenbrink Headshot
Dr. Craig M. Wittenbrink
EEB 125
23 Oct 2013, 4:30pm until 5:30pm