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The Secure Mobile Architecture

Steve Venema


The deployment scope and ubiquity of wired and wireless network communications in today’s society has far exceeded even the wildest dreams of the original Internet architects. Unfortunately, communications security has historically been applied as an afterthought that has been applied in a piecewise manner at best. This lack of security is particularly challenging to large corporations and governmental entities whose data assets require privacy (encryption), authenticity (signature validation), distributed trust models and scalable, manageable security policy for a wide variety of applications and protocols—all while flowing across a large, complex mesh of public and private networks. This talk will review some of these challenges and introduce some relatively new ideas on approaches to general network security that are being worked in various communities of standards bodies and research institutions. I will also review some of the challenges that motivate Boeing’s participation in these development activities.


Steven Venema is an Associate Technical Fellow at The Boeing Company working in the Architecture and Networked Systems organization of Boeing Phantom Works. Before joining Boeing, he earned his MS (1994) and PhD (1999) degrees in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington where his research focused on real-time control systems, robotics, and haptic simulation. At Boeing, his work the past several years has focused on networking and security technologies – particularly as they relate to manufacturing systems. He is the systems architect behind Boeing’s new Network Location Service, an enterprise wide service for supply chain, asset, and work-in-process visibility. His recent work has focused on addressing the growing need for scalable, secure connectivity for controls and SCADA devices over shared enterprise (and even public) wired and wireless communications infrastructure.

Steve Venema Headshot
Steve Venema
EEB 125
4 Nov 2008, 10:30am until 11:30am