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Student Clubs

Opportunities are boundless at the UW. For engineers, we are in a unique position as we are encouraged to embrace both industry and research. The College of Engineering offers numerous clubs, from Greek-sponsored to grass-roots. There are competitions, which deliver hands-on experience in a public forum. There are causal clubs, where you build robots just for the fun of it. No matter what you’re interested in, there is a place for you here.




ECE Student Group Funding Program

The ECE Student Group Funding Program offers ECE and adjacent student groups the opportunity to apply for department sponsored funds to assist with projects, activities, and group development. Student groups have the opportunity to submit funding proposals to receive funding from the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Funds can be use for but are not limited to:

    • Social/Team Building Activities
    • Industry Competitions/Conferences Fees
    • Project Equipment/Supplies
    • Group Travel Costs

The Department will review requests 2 times each academic year with each student group eligible to apply once per academic year. To be eligible for review, complete proposals must be submitted by the Deadlines below. Successfully funded requests will be notified by the end of the 4th week of the Quarter following each submission deadline.

    • End of the second full week of the Fall Quarter
    • End of the second full week of the Spring Quarter


Proposal Requirements

All proposals are required to include the information below. Proposals can be submitted in .doc or .pdf formats.

    • Group Name 
    • Contact information ( phone and email of group officers or submitter of proposal) 
    • Faculty advisor(s) 
    • Brief background on the group ( history, number of members and department breakdown by major, mission statement/focus,etc ) 
    • Account information for funding 
      • What UW Department Unit oversees the group’s budget 
    • Summary of Project/event/etc funds are being requested for
    • Goal/Expected Outcome
    • Why should ECE sponsor this request?
    • How would sponsoring this request support the ECE Mission Statements Below?:
      • We are committed to merit-driven diversity for broadening participation in STEM.
      • We provide our students with a strong technical foundation, refined communication skills and group project work.
      • We hire and retain exceptional faculty to develop an innovation ecosystem.
      • We provide electrical and computer hardware fundamentals and promote an entrepreneurial mindset.
      • We foster an innovation hub by partnering with industry, government and regional sponsors.
      • Specific informational links, dates, etc ( if relevant to request) 
    • How much is being requested? 
    • When are the funds needed?
    • What is the current budget breakdown, what other funding commitments have you already received or are also seeking ( other UW departments, companies, etc) 
    • What additional fundraising have you undertaken for this project?

Judgment Criteria

Proposals that include all required information ( outlined above) will be evaluated by the ECE Department Chair and Administrator for realistic budgeting, strength of relevance to ECE subject matter, alignment with the ECE Mission Statement, and subject to budget availability.


Please Submit Your Completed Proposal HERE


For questions regarding the ECE Student Group Funding Program, please reach out to