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UW BIOFAB: a cloud laboratory for genetic engineering

Professor Eric Klavins (PI)
Justin Vrana, graduate student, bioengineering
Orlando DeLange, postdoctoral researcher, electrical engineering
Michelle Parks, staff, electrical engineering

Biomedical laboratories, entrepreneurs, and researchers need data to develop medical therapies. But the complex experiments the process requires can be error-prone, often leading to longer timelines and higher costs. Now, a team led by UW electrical engineering Professor Eric Klavins will expand UW’s powerful BIOFAB, opening a full-service laboratory that will provide anyone with a laptop, whether undergraduate or faculty, access to full-scale molecular biology and cell engineering resources, and at a reasonable cost. Users will be able to design custom mammalian cell lines, develop experimental workflows to assay them, view and analyze data and execute experiments, all from the comfort of a coffee shop.



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