April 12, 2019

UW researchers create an interactive simulation of a nervous system

In 1986, the nervous system of Caenorhabditis elegans, a microscopic worm, was fully mapped. At the time, scientists and engineers thought this map would quickly reveal the definite functions of the nervous system. But it turned out that resolving the functions of a nervous system is very complex and even today, researchers still don’t fully…

April 3, 2019

Shwetak Patel receives ACM prize in computing

By Jackson Holt UW News University of Washington professor Shwetak Patel is the recipient of the 2018 ACM Prize in Computing for contributions to creative and practical sensing systems for sustainability and health, the Association for Computing Machinery or ACM announced today. Patel holds a joint appointment in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering…

March 29, 2019

UW, Microsoft, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory establish new Northwest Quantum Nexus for a quantum revolution in science, technology

By James Urton UW News The University of Washington, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Microsoft Quantum announced this week that they have joined forces in a new coalition to bring about a revolution in quantum research and technology. The Northwest Quantum Nexus was unveiled during a two-day summit at the UW, an event that included scientists…

March 18, 2019

ECE professor Denise Wilson’s article is second highest downloaded

“Designed as a unique and much-needed resource for educators, managers, and policymakers, the Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering publishes original, peer-reviewed papers that report innovative ideas and programs for classroom teachers, scientific studies, and formulation of concepts related to the education, recruitment, and retention of under-represented groups in science and engineering. Discipline-specific issues…

March 16, 2019

Mourning the loss of Vikram Jandhyala

Dear ECE Community, It is with deep sadness that I am sharing the news of the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Vikram Jandhyala. Vikram was an important member of our faculty for over 18 years, as well as an innovative pioneer within the university. We were fortunate to witness Vikram evolve and grow…

March 14, 2019

The programmability of biology

By Renske Dyedov Eric Klavins, professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of the UW Center for Synthetic Biology, is interested in the programmability of biology – his lab designs gene circuits and cell-cell communication systems that enable novel behaviors in living organisms. Last summer, the Klavins lab joined the Institute for Nano-Engineered Systems and…

February 25, 2019

ECE alumnus wins prestigious NSF CAREER award

Yurk Dvorkin, Ph.D. student of professor Daniel Kirschen and assistant professor at New York University, was awarded a National Science Foundation Award for his work in power systems. His award will “fundamentally re-think and re-engineer the current US power grid architecture to accommodate a massive penetration level of customer-end distributed energy resources (DERs), while improving the…

February 15, 2019

Fast Company magazine discusses ECE professor Mari Ostendorf’s expertise

From the article: “Further advancements in artificial intelligence, such as natural language processing, will improve the quality of such systems, says Mari Ostendorf, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Washington and a leading scientist on speech and language technology. She notes that one of the reasons that home voice assistants are so…

February 7, 2019

ECE alumna named associate chair for innovation and entrepreneurship

Pamela Bhatti, who graduated with her MSEE (’93) from UW, is now the new Associate Chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. According to the Georgia Tech School of ECE, in her new role, Bhatti will lead the School’s support of faculty members’ entrepreneurial activities. She will also…

February 1, 2019

ECE alum Jessica Tran writes about diversity in user research for Microsoft

Jessica Tran’s column, “Diversity in User Research: How Nontraditional Backgrounds Enhance Impact”  can be read here.

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