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Adrian KC Lee Wins AFOSR YIP Award

January 6, 2012

Adrian_LeeProfessor Adrian KC Lee of UW’s Speech & Hearing Sciences, Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences, and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, just received a prestigious Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Research Award. This Award is for new researchers who show exceptional ability and promise for conducting basic research. Lee’s research focuses on mapping the spatiotemporal dynamics of the cortical network involved in attending and analyzing different acoustical signal in a crowded auditory scene (e.g., in a cocktail party). He is also interested in combining his backgrounds in engineering and neuroscience to identify neural biomarkers that can be used to classify different attentional states for controlling prosthetic and orthotic devices in a next-generation Brain Computer Interface design. He collaborates with many faculty and students in Electrical Engineering (e.g., Prof. Les Atlas and graduate students Pascal Clark and Elliot Saba).

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