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Atlas Receives the Virginia Merrill Bloedel Scholar Award

February 7, 2012

Les_Atlas_001Professor Les Atlas has just received the prestigious Virginia Merrill Bloedel Scholar Award. This three-year Award is for Professor Atlas’ innovative new approach to signal processing for hearing research and devices. He has adapted the mathematical statistics behind modern 4G internet and the latest high-speed wi-fi communications to help understand how our normally-functioning auditory system works so amazingly well, even in noisy situations with, for example, many talkers. His research goal is to greatly update the conventional view of auditory and speech processing, which come mostly from older AM and FM radio concepts. Under this award, his lab’s new concepts will, working jointly with the Bloedel Hearing Research Center and other department’s researchers, help conquer deafness by providing new approaches to hearing science and devices.

The primary strength of the Virginia Merrill Bloedel Hearing Research Center is its uniform excellence in research across a broad array of disciplines related to hearing. The expertise of the Center extends from the molecular level to the behavioral level and beyond to the clinical research area. This range of expertise distinguishes the Center and the UW in the hearing research world.

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