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EE Awards Day winners

January 6, 2003

On June 13, the EE department held its annual Awards Day ceremony. We would like to congratulate all the nominees and winners this year.


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Outstanding Teaching Award
Jim Peckol

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award
Iyappan Ramachandran

Outstanding Research Advisor Award
Alex Mamishev

Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant Award
Ozgur Cetin

Yang Research Award
Kiyong Choi

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Assistant Award
Nels Jewell-Larsen

Outstanding Senior Project
Kevin Larsson, Josh Parker & Matt Zobel

Faculty Service Award
Les Atlas

Outstanding Staff Award
Tam Croswhite and Ann Langford-Fuchs

Outstanding Staff Service Award
Angel Bailey

Spirit of Community Award
Melissa Meyer and Rachel O’Brien

Chair’s Award
Linda Bushnell and Andy Crick

Fellowship Recognition

National Defense Science & Engineering Fellowship
John McNew and Matt Clements

Semiconductor Research Fellowship
Charles Peach

Grainger Fellowship
Anders Johnson, Chung-I Lin and Kevin Schneider

NSF Fellowship
Mark Holland and Melissa Meyer

Intel Fellowship
Melissa Meyer and Mark Chang