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Student, Yury Dvorkin, Awarded the 2016 CEI Scientific Achievement Award

July 7, 2016

ScreenShot2016-06-30at2.14.16PM_000Congratulations to electrical engineering PhD student, Yury Dvorkin, who received the 2016 Scientific Achievement Award from the University of Washington’s Clean Energy Institute (CEI).

The award was presented to Dvorkin due to his exceptional contributions in the areas of scientific achievement. In addition to the award, Dvorkin was also a fellow of CEI. During his time as a fellow, he worked on modeling renewable energy interactions through grid power.

Dvorkin graduated this spring with his PhD in electrical engineering under the advisement of Professor Daniel Kirschen. In the fall, Dvorkin will join the faculty at New York University Tandon School of Engineering.

The award was presented to Dvorkin at a June 15th ceremony, hosted by the Clean Energy Institute.