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World Record in DNA Storage

July 11, 2016

ScreenShot2016-07-08at3.10.52PMElectrical Engineering Assistant Professor George Seelig, along with Luis Ceze, UW’s Torode Family Career Development Professor of computer science and engineering (CSE) and Karin Strauss, a researcher at Microsoft and affiliate professor for the CSE Department, reached a new milestone in the revolutionary process of DNA data storage.

The team of researchers encoded and decoded this video of the band OK Go, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in more than 100 languages, the top 100 books of Project Gutenberg and the Crop Trust’s seed database — among other things — all on strands of DNA. This hefty amount of data has never before been pocketed into microscopic stings of DNA.

This significant advancement has garnered recent attention from industry and research communities, including a recent article in Scientific American, a video from Microsoft and article in Newsweek, among others. This past week, an in-depth interview with Professor Ceze was published on UW Today.

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