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Researcher Claire Watts Receives JCATI Best Poster Award

May 9, 2017

Claire Watts presents at the JCATI Symposium.

Claire Watts presents at the JCATI Symposium.

By: Tommy Merth

Postdoctoral researcher Claire Watts has earned the 2017 JCATI Best Poster Award. The Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation (JCATI) grants this award annually to cutting-edge aerospace research efforts around Washington State.

Watts is a postdoc in UW EE and Paul Allen School Associate Professor Matt Reynold’s lab. Her work, titled “Reconfigurable airborne radar imaging with dynamic metamaterial antennas,” explores the benefits of abnormal material properties in remote sensing. This project was completed with support from Echodyne Corp., an aerospace firm located in Bellevue.

Congratulations Claire!