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Sieg Hall Grand Reopening

November 30, 2005

mani_cutting_ribbonActing Dean Mani Soma officially opens Sieg Hall with a honkin’ big pair of scissors.

On Friday, October 21, after two years and half a million dollars worth of work – the newly renovated Sieg Hall was officially opened to the public in a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by members of the EE department and the College of Engineering.

In addition to structural repairs of the building itself, the renovation was undertaken to provide new space and services for the EE department; including:

  • The new Integrated Student Center, which will provide an area where EE students can study, gather to discuss EE issues, or socialize and build relationships that can carry on in their professional careers.
  • Separate offices for EE student organizations. IEEE, HKN, and GSA will now each have their own dedicated space.
  • A new TA Center, providing high-quality, net-enabled workspace for each of our TAs.
  • A new Tutorial Center. This is a large room which will hold up to 24 students. Additionally there are three smaller adjoining “break-out” rooms.

This great new space is the culmination of the vision and hard work of many faculty and staff in the EE department and at the University.