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Three Generations: A UW EE Legacy

November 22, 2016

A newspaper clipping about the Kieburtz family in a 1992 UW EE newsletter.

A newspaper clipping about the Kieburtz family in a 1992 UW EE newsletter.

Bruce Kieburtz was recently honored at the 50-year anniversary of his graduation. Kieburtz graduated from UW EE in 1966 with his Ph.D. At the 2016 graduation ceremony this past spring, Kieburtz stood with two other members of the 1966 graduating class.

Since graduating in 1952, Kieburtz went on to work at the U.S. Air Force, and he continued on to G.E., Boeing and Bell Telephone Laboratory. Kieburtz’s father, G.H. (Hal) Kieburtz received his degree from UW EE in 1924. Hal Kieburtz had a career with Puget Sound Power and Light and as a partner in the electrical contracting firm of Industrial Electric in Seattle. Hal’s father Gus Kieburtz, a general contractor, built many buildings and other projects in and around the Seattle area (Both Hal and Gus are past Presidents of the Association of General Contractors of Seattle).

Kieburtz has a long history with UW EE in his own right, graduating with his bachelor’s (’52) and master’s (’63) and Ph.D. (’66) from the department. Likewise, Dick Kieburtz (Bruce Kieburtz’s cousin) received all three degrees from UW EE (he received his Ph.D. in 1961). He went on to teach at NYU and then SUNY Stoneybrook, where he was Professor and Acting Dean. After SUNY Stoneybrook, Dick Kieburtz worked at the Oregon Graduate Center in Beaverton, Oregon.

These three Kieburtz’s led three very successful careers with one single origin – The University of Washington Department of Electrical Engineering.