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Alum Ben Waters’ Startup WiBotic Is a GeekWire Top Ten

November 17, 2016

Alumnus Ben Waters is Co-Founder and CEO of WiBotic.

Alumnus Ben Waters is Co-Founder and CEO of WiBotic.

While at UW EE, alumnus Ben Waters co-founded WiBotic, a company that enables drones and robots to charge wirelessly. Although it is only a little over a year old, the company has already reached significant milestones. To date, it has raised well over a half million dollars from a collection of funds and foundations.

In their annual list – the “Seattle 10” – GeekWire announced which top Seattle startups were transforming the tech scene. In order to meet the prestigious list, a company had to exhibit a world-changing business idea.

WiBotic’s innovative design and functionality makes it particularly unique and adaptive in today’s market. WiBotic wireless power solutions enable complete autonomy for any robotic system through their hardware platforms and power management software. The company’s charging efficiency is higher than standard inductive and other resonant systems, yet it also minimizes maintenance costs. The product also works in varying weather conditions and underwater.

This isn’t the first time GeekWire took notice of WiBotic. In August, the popular tech news site featured the company’s groundbreaking technology. According to GeekWire, this is just the beginning for WiBotic, noting that the “year-old company is just emerging from stealth mode.”

According to Waters, there is significant room for growth for this Seattle 10, which is already re-inventing wireless charging capabilities.

“WiBotic is creating the infrastructure for robots to charge whenever and wherever— so companies can focus on robot tasks rather than keeping their robots charged,” Waters said. “Enabling better access to power and autonomous charging opens up a whole new world of possibilities for robots.”