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UW EE Shines in the 2015 CoMotion Presidential Innovation Fellow Awards

June 8, 2015


In recognition of the success and impact of their entrepreneurship, four EE Faculty have been appointed 2015 CoMotion Presidential Innovation Fellows. Learn more about why each was selected: Howard Chizeck, Josh Smith, Matt Reynolds and Shyam Gollakota.

The CoMotion Presidential Innovation Fellows Program is the new name for the Presidential Entrepreneurial Faculty Fellows Program that was created in 2011. Candidates are nominated by UW deans and department chairs and are approved by Interim President Ana Mari Cauce. With two-year terms, fellows share their experiences at campus entrepreneurial events, serve as mentors to other UW faculty and researchers pursuing entrepreneurship and receive $5,000 in discretionary innovation funds upon appointment.

Congratulations Howard, Josh, Matt and Shyam!