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  COVID-19 Information and Resources for ECE Students, Faculty, and Staff

Prospective Graduate Student Resources

Information Sessions with Advising Team

Are you an engineering, math or physical sciences student interested in graduate school in electrical and computer engineering? UW ECE holds quarterly information sessions where you can learn more about our programs for MSEE (daytime) and Ph.D. degrees. Current UW ECE graduate students, academic advisers and faculty are available to answer questions.

Find the next info session on our UW ECE Events Calendar!


  • Preparation and admissions
  • Master’s vs. Ph.D. programs
  • Degree requirements
  • Research groups and more!

Student-Led Ph.D. Applicant Support Programs

We recognize that access to information about the graduate school experience and application process is not available to everyone equitably. This leads to systematic disadvantages for applicants in underserved communities. At UW ECE, we are hoping to address some of these challenges through two of our student-led volunteer programs:

(1) Weekly drop-in hours during Fall to meet with current students (and sometimes faculty) to talk about graduate school and research (Open to students at all levels and professionals interested in graduate school)

(2) Graduate Applicant Support Program (GASP) to receive mentorship and feedback on graduate school applications to best emphasize their past experiences and aspirations (open to students submitting to the 2022 Ph.D. admission cycle)

Weekly Drop-in Hours with Current Ph.D. Students

These office hours will provide an avenue for folks interested in pursuing a Ph.D. to interact with current students (and sometimes faculty). Each session will be centered around specific research areas to allow discussions about work done at different labs as well. Our current students are available to share information about research at UW ECE, ways to approach faculty for graduate school, and how you could make your application stronger. Please join us at weekly virtual zoom sessions. There is no formal presentation and you may join us anytime during the 2 hour session with your questions.

The schedule for Fall 2022 will be posted below. Drop-in hours start from end of October through mid-December.

Please email Nivii Kalavakonda (

Graduate Applicant Support Program

The Graduate Applicant Support Program (GASP) is a student-run, volunteer-based pre-application review program at the University of Washington Electrical and Computer Engineering (UW ECE) department that aims to support applicants submitting to our Fall 2022 PhD. program, especially those from underserved communities, by providing mentorship on application materials.  A current Ph.D. student or postdoc from UW ECE department will provide feedback on your resume/CV and statement of purpose. Volunteers receive training to assist you in the application process and will give their best guidance and advice.

If you consider yourself an underrepresented or marginalized minority in ECE, please submit your application materials using this form.

We are happy to support GASP applicants of all backgrounds provided we have the capacity. Applicants are matched with mentors on a rolling basis. We will notify you latest by November 5 if we have reached capacity to review.

P.S. it is okay if your application is not at the stage of perfection you were hoping it would be – the purpose of feedback is to help improve your draft. We have included information on how you could draft your statement of purpose here.


  • October 11, 2021 – Application form opens for matching on rolling basis
  • October 30, 2021 – Applications close
  • November 22, 2021 – All feedback returned to students

We can only assist individuals applying for the Fall 2022 admission cycle at this time.

Please note – GASP is independent of the UW ECE admissions committee and information submitted through the program will not be disclosed to the UW ECE admissions committee and faculty. Participation in GASP does not guarantee admission to UW ECE. You will have to submit your applications through the graduate school to be considered for admissions. Check here.

Information will be aggregated and anonymized to evaluate the impact of this program, but individual responses will be deleted at the end of this application cycle. For any further questions, please contact Nivii Kalavakonda ( or Felix Schwock (

All virtual sessions for Prospective Students can be found on the UW ECE Events Calendar.