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Non-Degree Options

Non-degree students may enroll in courses if prerequisites are met and if space is available.  UW ECE students enrolled in degree programs have first priority.

Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate non-matriculated students may take courses from level 100-500.

Graduate Courses

Graduate non-matriculated students may take both 400-level advanced undergraduate courses and 500-level graduate courses.

Below are a few examples of undergraduate courses non-degree students may take.


EE-215Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering4 creditsEither MATH 136, or MATH 126 and either MATH 307 or AMATH 351, either of which may be taken concurrently; PHYS 122. Offered: AWSpS.UW Course CatalogABET Sheet
EE-233Circuit Theory5 credits1.0 in E E 215. Offered: AWSpS.UW Course CatalogABET Sheet
EE-271Digital Circuits and Systems5 creditsEither CSE 142 or CSE 143. Offered: AWSpS.UW Course CatalogABET Sheet
EE-351Energy Systems5 credits1.0 in E E 233. Offered: ASp.UW Course CatalogABET Sheet