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Non-Degree Options

Non-matriculated is a status that allows students to enroll in UW ECE undergraduate and graduate classes without pursuing a degree in electrical engineering. Students complete the same coursework as degree-seeking students and still earn a grade and credit.

Two options detailed below are available for enrolling in courses as a non-degree student.  Choosing whether undergraduate or graduate status is best for you is largely determined by the level of the class you want to take and by your plans for graduate school.

Course Level

  • Course levels 100-300: You will register as undergraduate non-matriculated.
  • Course levels 400 or 500: You may take these classes as either undergraduate or graduate non-matriculated.

Future Study

  • Undergraduate non-matriculated status is for students who only wish to take a class or two and do not plan to apply the credits to graduate school.
  • Graduate non-matriculated status is for students who have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or the equivalent and who wish to apply credits toward graduate school. You may apply a maximum of 12 credits taken in graduate non-matriculated status toward a UW graduate program.

Undergraduate Non-Matriculated Option

Undergraduate non-matriculated students may take courses from level 100-500 if prerequisites are met and space is available. Courses taken while in non-matriculated status cannot be applied toward a graduate program, should students decide to apply at a later date.  It may be possible to apply a limited number of credits taken while in non-matriculated status to an undergraduate degree program

Graduate Non-Matriculated Option

Students who plan to apply a maximum of 12 credits toward a master’s or Ph.D. program in the future should register as a graduate non-matriculated student. Please note that admission to graduate non-matriculated status does not confer priority for later admission into the Graduate School to pursue a degree. Graduate non-matriculated students may take both 500-level (graduate level) and 400-level (advanced undergraduate level) courses if space is available. Students applying for graduate non-matriculated status with UW ECE must have a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or the equivalent.

International Applicants

Federal regulations mandate that international students must be enrolled in a degree program.  Therefore, students with F-1 visas may not participate in the graduate non-matriculated program.